Mission, Vision & Values

Immersive Robotics originated back in 2012 with a first DIY prototype. The latter was a robot avatar that could be controlled at distance using Virtual Reality (VR) glasses and thus used for "teleportation".

In 2014, we started working on a next generation robot with more capabilities called Waldo. In 2015 Immersive robotics was created in order to mass produce and market Waldo. Our team embarked on this mission as we strongly believe that in a near future, robots will play a major role in assisting human kind, improving people's everyday life and helping all of us go beyond our current capabilities. After 2 years of testing the robot with clients and in real life situations, the second generation of Waldo was released and placed on the market in early 2016.

At Immersive Robotics, when developing our robots and fulfilling our mission, we follow and firmly believe in a set of values:

  • We dream and we are ambitious
  • We face obstacles and we overcome them
  • We take pleasure in working and creating magical experiences
  • We are proactive in what we do
  • We love sharing
  • We believe in integrity and kindness
  • We embrace humility
  • We place our clients' needs in the center of our concerns
  • We believe in eco-conception

The Team

Immersive Robotics is comprised of a team of engineers, marketers and people that are all passionate about robotics, aerospace, IoT and technology in general... and of course Tron and Star Wars :)

Image Immersive Robotics Team

Early Investors & Partners